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Power Supply
Power Input
1 Unit
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Lead Time
30~60 Working days
2 Years
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◇◆  Product information

The AIO-DF1500GW-M series heat pump dryer is specifically designed to meet the processing needs of pet food. With a drying capacity of 800-1000kg, for other capacities, please feel free to contact us, as we offer a range of pet food dryers with various capacities.
The AIO-DF1500GW-M is a commercial-grade, high-capacity pet food dryer utilizing medium to high-temperature drying, with a drying temperature range of 50-80°C. Equipped with an additional heater, it ensures rapid temperature elevation during the initial drying phase. Additionally, it features UV disinfection lamps, ensuring the highest hygiene standards.
This pet food dryer adopts a dual-door design, seamlessly integrating into the workflow of pet food processing factories. The front door is designed for loading fresh meat, ensuring a streamlined and convenient process. After undergoing a meticulous drying process, the rear door facilitates easy extraction of the thoroughly dehydrated meat.
Custom-tailored for discerning pet food manufacturers, the AIO-DF1500GW-M is the ideal choice for those seeking precision, convenience, and advanced technology in their production processes. Elevate your pet food manufacturing standards with IKE innovative and reliable pet food dryer.

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer - Front view

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer - Back view

SPECIFICATIONS FOR AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer


Stainless Steel


800kg~1000kg per batch

Power Supply


Power Input


Dehydration Amount

40.0L/h (@65℃, 80%)

Working Temperature


Noise Level



IKE smart color-touch-screen

Main Machine


Chamber Size(L*W*H)


Payment terms

1, We can offer different pricing of FOB, CIF, and C&F.
2, For established customers, we will offer more favorable payment terms.


1, We offer FOB Guangzhou and FOB Shenzhen to our customers.
2, We can also offer CIF to those in need.
3, We can also help in container consolidation.


Two-year warranty after AIO-DF1500GW-M ship

◇◆ Detailed Images

The AIO-DF1500GW-M Pet Food Dryer integrates the IKE DF-1500GW drying machine with an insulated drying chamber, offering exceptional capacity and efficiency. It can be customized with various accessories to meet customer preferences, including stainless steel trays, plastic trays, hanging rods, and more.
The flooring of the dryer room is designed with reinforced anti-slip properties, facilitating easy daily floor cleaning. The pet food dryer is also equipped with removable wheel chocks for the carts. When the carts are advanced into the dryer room, attaching the chocks prevents any unintended movement, ensuring added safety during the process.

product-永恒国际下载-IKE Food Machinery-img

Front and Rear Dual-Door Design

product-IKE Food Machinery-永恒国际下载-img

AIO-DF1500GW-M can accommodate a total of 6 stainless steel trolleys

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

Finished product outlet

product-IKE Food Machinery-img
Wheel stop and Reinforced anti-slip flooring
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Circulating fans
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Air outlet with an extra heater
product-永恒国际下载-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Door handle with warning sticker
product-IKE Food Machinery-永恒国际下载-img-1
UV disinfection lamp
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1

◇◆ Main Features

The IKE AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Pet Food Dehydrator is a medium-capacity integrated drying system. It is suitable for drying various pet food items, including chicken, pork, beef, chicken bones, chicken feet, and animal livers. The drying chamber features stainless steel insulated panels, ensuring easy cleaning and stability. With an effective airflow design and robust horizontal air circulation, it guarantees uniform drying. Accessories can be customized based on specific requirements, providing flexibility to meet diverse needs.

1. **Energy-Efficient Design:** Incorporates closed-loop heat pump technology, consuming less electricity compared to traditional dryers, achieving energy-efficient design.

2. **High Capacity Design:** Handles a large volume of pet food in a single cycle, significantly improving production efficiency.

3. **Double-Door Design for Convenient Area Separation:** The chamber is equipped with front and rear double doors, facilitating the distinction of work areas in the food processing facility before and after use.

4. **Customized Drying Programs:** Adjustable temperature, humidity, and drying time cater to different types and formulations of pet food, allowing for personalized drying.

5. **Uniform Drying:** Equipped with an efficient hot air circulation system to ensure even heating and drying of pet food, ensuring product quality.

6. **Compliance with Hygiene Standards:** Adhering to hygiene standards in the pet food industry, the chamber is equipped with six ultraviolet disinfection lamps, providing comprehensive disinfection for pet food.

7. **Safety Features:** Includes anti-slip flooring, wheel stoppers, safety signage, etc., enhancing equipment safety for users.

8. **Easy to Clean and Maintain:** The main structure and internal components are made of stainless steel, meeting hygiene and durability requirements, simplifying the cleaning and maintenance process.

Want a drying system that meets all your requirements at last? We have the best for you!

◇◆ Success Case

We have more than 600 successful cases worldwide. Contact us for more pictures and videos. -- READ MORE APPLICATION --

product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1Beef jerky drying project
product-AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Fish drying project
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Apricot drying project
product-永恒国际下载-IKE Food Machinery-img-2
Sausage drying project
◇◆ Packing and Shipping

AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer can be directly loaded into the container during transportation. When you receive the machine, just connect it to the power supply and it is ready to use.

product-IKE Food Machinery-AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer
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