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IKE closed-loop heat pump commercial and世界杯买球吉祥坊 is a specialized type of food drying system that used heat pump technology to dehydrate foods. It offers several advantages over conventional drying methods, such as larger capacity, more powerful, improved energy efficiency, and better preservation of food quality. IKE dehydrators come in various sizes, with multiple trays and racks, allowing you to dehydrate lots of food at once.

IKE commercial and industrial heat pump energy-saving food dehydrators are the most versatile世界杯买球吉祥坊s in the world. They are durable and ideal for small to large businesses that dry fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves, meats and pet treats, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, tea and seafood for sale. The gentle and controlled drying conditions provided by IKE heat pump dehydrators help preserve the color, flavor, and nutritional value of the food.

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√ Capacity option: 10kgs~300kgs/batch

√ Energy Saving

√ Easy to move

√ CE certification

WRH-100GN 1000 Watt Food Dehydrator From China Supplier
Capacity: 20~100kg/batch. Drying temp.: 50-80℃, Suitable for drying vegetable and fruit,meat, hemp, etc.
WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator
Capacity: 20~100kg/batch. Drying temp.: 20-80℃, Suitable for drying all kinds of food, such as fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves, meat, seafood, herb, nuts, etc.
WRH-100B Middle Temperature Stainless Steel Fruit And Vegetable Dehydrator
WRH-100B has a compact structure, great energy-saving, wide application, high drying quality, easy operation, simple installation and removable
WRH-300GB High Temperature Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Machine
Capacity: 200~350kg/batch. Drying temp.: 50~80℃, Suitable for drying sausage, bacon, meat, pet food, tea, tobacco, preserved fruit, etc
FVD-H6 Commercial Food Freeze Dryer
Capacity: 6kg/batch. Drying temp.: ≤-40℃, Suitable for drying vegetable and fruit,meat, etc.


√ Capacity option: 200kgs~10T/batch.

√ Assembled before Shipment, No installation required.

√ Freely switch wind direction to make drying more even.

√ Can be customized on request.

AIO-DF1500GW-M Commercial Large Capacity Pet Food Dryer with UV Disinfection Lamp
Capacity: 800kg~1000kg/batch
AIO-DF300G Commercial Electric Tray Dryer For Food Industry
Capacity: 200~300kg/batch.
AIO-DF600T Best Industrial Food Dehydrator Machine
Capacity: 400~600kg/batch
AIO-DF600TB Commercial Supersizes Cabinet Dryer with Trays
Capacity: 400~600kg/batch
AIO-S1500G Multi-Function All-in-one Dehydrating System
Capacity: 1000~1500kg/batch
AIO-DF1500GW Heat Pump Food Dehydrator for Fruit and Vegetable
Capacity: 800kg~1000kg/batch
AIO-DF1500TWK Industrial Drying Equipment for Fruit and Vegetable
Capacity: 1000~1500kg/batch
AIO-DF2400GW Customized Rainproof Extra Large Dehydration System
Capacity: 2000kg~2500kg/batch


√ Capacity: According to drying needs.

√ Automated food processing.

√ Reduce the lable fee.

√ More evenly.

Continuous Tunnel Dryer in Food Industry
Tunnel drying producion line
Automatic Industrial Conveyor Belt Dryer For Food Processing
Conveyor Belt Dryer
Customized Tunnel-type Automated Drying Production Line
Automated Tunnel Drying Production Line

IKE Group specializes in providing innovative drying solutions. Whether you're in the food processing industry or agriculture, we can meet your needs. IKE food dehydrator applications include fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, grains, and more, ensuring that whatever your drying requirements, we have a solution for you. From small-scale operations to large-scale industrial facilities, IKE Group has the experience and expertise to handle any drying application.

Why choose IKE Food drying machines

Guangdong IKE Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly deals with producing and processing世界杯买球吉祥坊s. As one of IKE's multiple product series, the世界杯买球吉祥坊 series enjoys relatively high recognition in the market. industrial drying equipment is in line with stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high. IKE prioritizes customers and makes an effort to provide them with quality services. IKE has extensive experience in the food drying industry, with a focus on research and development. IKE世界杯买球吉祥坊s are designed based on industry insights and customer feedback, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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