Commercial and Industrial Food Dehydrator Manufacturer Since 1994


Heat pump Commercial & Industrial Food Dehydrator Manufacturer Since 1994

IKE金沙体育网上娱乐 is tested during the production process and guaranteed that the quality meets the food grade requirements. The testing process is carried out by third-party inspection institutions who have strict requirements and standards on food dehydrator industry. Advanced air-source heat pump water heaters, dryers and other environmental protection and energy-saving products are available. Its 金沙体育网上娱乐 has strong corrosion resistance capacity.

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Guangdong IKE Industrial Co. Ltd

IKE Industrial is a leading food dehydrator manufacturer in China. Over 25 years experience since 1994. Total area 110,000sqm. Factory area 60,000sqm.

200 in house production workers. Monthly output 10,000 unit of金沙体育网上娱乐 for food.

Main board production workshop
Automatic welding machine
CNC bending workshop
CNC punching workshop
Laser cutting workshop
Foam production works
Host assembly line
WRH-100 Cabinet-style food dehydrator production line
WRH-300 Embedding food dehydrator production line
WRH-1200 Embedding food dehydrator production line
WRH-500 Embedding food dehydrator production line
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