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1 Unit
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Lead Time
20~40 working days
2 Years
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◇◆  Product information

Do you have this trouble? When you want to dry tons of materials at a time, but the capacity of many dryers on the market is too small. However, the AIO-DF2400GW Large Dehydration System can solve it. In addition, The AIO-DF2400GW Large Dehydration System can dry different items in different seasons, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine. IKE AIO-DF2400GW Large Dehydration System is a large-capacity dryer. It can dry 2000-2500kgs flesh food per batch. How to make such a large capacity dryer with high efficiency and low consumption is the key technology of this dryer. It has a dual heat exchange system. To achieve the best working efficiency, we can switch the use of them according to the products and their drying methods through the system settings.

What can it dry? It is suitable for drying a very large variety of food. Such as fruits and vegetables, pasta and noodle, tea and leaves, meat, seafood, and pet food. It can be used to dry fresh food separately or even together without the worry of mixed fragrances. If your application requirements may not be met by our type AIO-DF dehydrating system, we will be all too glad to offer guidance, design, and manufacture of a customized drying system. Just tell us your requirements!

SPECIFICATIONS FOR 777水果机游戏app下载中心


Stainless Steel


1600kg~2000kg per batch

Power Supply


Power Input


Running Current


Maximum Power


Dehydration Amount

60.0L/h (@65℃, 80%)

Working Temperature


Noise Level



IKE smart color-touch-screen

Chamber Size(L*W*H)


Main machine


Lead time

20~40 working days

Payment terms

1, We can offer different pricing of FOB, CIF, and C&F.
2, For established customers, we will offer more favorable payment terms.


1, We offer FOB Guangzhou and FOB Shenzhen to our customers.
2, We can also offer CIF to those in need.
3, We can also help in container consolidation.


Two-years warranty after AIO-DF2400GW ship

◇◆ Detailed Images

IKE 777水果机游戏app下载中心 consists of the main machine IKE DF-2400G dehydrator and the insulated drying room as a whole unit, with the highest capacity and efficiency. Both stainless steel trays and plastic trays are available with different cost options.

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF2400GW customized rainproof extra-large 注册就送钱的搏彩 - front view

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF2400GW customized rainproof extra-large 注册就送钱的搏彩 - side view

product-777水果机游戏app下载中心-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF2400GW customized rainproof extra-large 注册就送钱的搏彩 - back  view

product-IKE Food Machinery-img

AIO-DF2400GW customized rainproof extra-large 注册就送钱的搏彩 - Customer case

◇◆ Main Features

IKE 777水果机游戏app下载中心 is our innovative product. It can dry any food to the desired dry matter content in a gentle, fast, and reliable way. Its several advantages were unmatched by the traditional heat pump dryer.

1. It can be customized according to different applications and space requirements.

2. It is made of stainless steel and can be equipped with plastic, stainless steel, or customized drying racks.

3. Pressure meters constantly monitor the running of the heat pump system.

4. Closed-loop air circulation inside a well-insulated drying chamber, only condensed water is discharged during the drying.

5. Little energy loss, clean and hygienic.

6. This drying system is with dual and reversible airflow design. With the function of blowers, stronger and more even hot air circulates inside the drying room, taking off the moisture of foods with the highest efficiency.

7. This drying system is easy to load on the container and no need for assembling

Want a drying system that meets all your requirements at last? We have the best for you!

Introduction of the 777水果机游戏app下载中心

◇◆ Success Case

We have more than 600 successful cases worldwide. Contact us for more pictures and videos. -- READ MORE APPLICATION --

product-IKE Food Machinery-777水果机游戏app下载中心-img
Customer case
product-IKE Food Machinery-img
Customer case
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Customer case
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Customer case
◇◆ Packing and Shipping

AIO-DF2400GW drying system can be directly loaded into the container during transportation. When you receive the machine, just connect it to the power supply and it is ready to use.

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product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
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