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Jiangsu Coastal Development Group invested nearly 400 million yuan to build important chain-strengthening chain projects-Dafeng Food Science and Technology Industrial Park and Jindongtai Food Drying Project. The drying industry chain, such as pet food dryers, vegetable dryers, and fish drying machines, optimizing the layout of the food drying industry, ensures food safety and promotes rural revitalization to a higher level.

As a beneficial exploration to give full play to the helpful industrial resources and deepen the integrated development of enterprises and land, the total daily storage capacity of Dafeng Food Science and Technology Industrial Park and Jindongtai Food Drying Project is 110,000 tons. "Responsibility awareness, with a strong sense of responsibility, vividly practice the responsibility in the heart and shoulder the responsibility.


Since the start of construction in September 2021, the project team has focused on core businesses such as construction management, food drying and storage, and operations. One year has passed, and from the lack of supporting facilities to the blossoming and fruiting of the two places, the two projects have been fully put into production.

The drying production line, assembly line, and food dehydrator of the first-phase project of Dafeng Food Science and Technology Industrial Park were put into use, ushering in the first batch of food drying, storage, and processing. The Jindongtai food drying project has become the first food-drying industrial park in the province to use heat pumps on a large scale.

The drying and storage of green food have become a bright spot. The drying line adopts the latest heat pump drying technology in the industry. The heat pump evaporator is used to absorb heat energy in the outdoor air or recover exhaust gas waste heat during drying. The compressor works to transmit (transfer) the power to the drying room. The material in the drying chamber vaporizes and evaporates the moisture in the material through the form of circulating hot air heat transfer, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged or the condensed water flows out, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the material. Most traditional food drying methods are drying in the sun. For people, this not only requires a lot of labor costs but also has poor sanitation and cannot guarantee food safety. However, Jin Dongtai's self-built production line, assembly line, and integrated drying equipment for board rooms can not only meet the drying needs of different foods but also be green and environmentally friendly.

At present, Dafeng Food Science and Technology Industrial Park has been basically completed, realizing the supply of high-quality products with high intelligence, high safety, high processing efficiency, and high product quality, and its production technology is at the domestic leading level in the industry.

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